Why schedule intensive lessons?

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For Children

Lessons are usually booked in clusters of 6-9 lessons called “intensives,” with the child receiving 2-3 lessons a day for several consecutive days. The density of lessons in an intensive allows each lesson to build on the previous one, creating a continuous learning experience that encourages the development and integration of new skills. After an intensive, a child usually has enough new connections to foster continued change and learning for a period of time afterwards through the normal developmental processes (i.e. "play”). A typical lesson schedule is one intensive every month, though more or less frequency may be necessary based on the child’s developmental needs. 

While the large majority of children receiving lessons respond best to intensive schedules, there are some children for whom the density of lessons is overwhelming. In those cases, the practitioner will develop an alternative lesson schedule that works better for that child.

For adults

While an intensive schedule is still ideal, it is not as critical for adults as it is for children. Candeo Movement encourages adults to schedule at minimum a mini-intensive of 3 lessons over 6 days.