How Does NeuroMovement® View Human Development?

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Movement Is The Language Of The Brain

Movement is the primary driver of brain growth and change. In the first years of life, it is through movement that a child creates a mental map of his body, gains an understanding of the physical world around him, experiences intentionality and cause-and-effect, and learns to interact and communicate with others.


Children with developmental disabilities

For a child with special needs, there has been a disruption in the natural movement-based developmental process. It may be that brain injury has caused spasticity that inhibits movement, or that the developmental process does occur but doesn’t reach the level of complexity that it could. In a NeuroMovement® lesson, we use gentle movement to provide the child’s nervous system with information and experience that it may have missed due to the disruption in the developmental process. 

A Unique Developmental Path

Every child has an innate drive to learn and grow - NeuroMovement® supports the child in continuing along their own unique developmental path. We do not try to make a child do something they are not developmentally ready to do, regardless of what they "should" be doing at their age. Instead, we meet the child where they are at at that given moment, and help them discover the next part of their developmental journey. We give the child's nervous system what it needs to continue it's innate developmental process, and trust that with the the right information, experience, and time the child will change, learn, and grow.